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Hardware and software design innovations deliver superior servo performance, high power density, simple commissioning, and extensive versatility in a cost-effective package. CDHD features a new current loop design that achieves an industry leading frequency response of 3-5 kHz. Advanced autotuning reduces tracking error and settling time to almost zero, and an innovative anti-vibration algorithm eliminates mechanical resonance. CDHD supports virtually any motor, any feedback type, and any I/O requirement. It offers seamless commissioning through ServoStudio software or direct terminal access, with all–in-one tuning of current, velocity, and position control loops.

Key Features

  • High performance control of all synchronous servo motors
  • Interfaces multiple feedback devices
  • I/O programming for any drive functionality
  • Advanced control algorithms achieve maximum machine accuracy and throughput
  • High power density in a small footprint
  • Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Simple commissioning using ServoStudio™ GUI along with comprehensive parameterization options for optimal configuration
  • Fast firmware modifications to meet particular application needs
  • CE and UL compliance
  • Competitive price
  • 30-month warranty


ModelInput Voltage (VAC)Input Power Main CircuitCont. Current (A rms)Peak Current (A rms)
CDHD-1D5120/2401 Phase1.54.5
CDHD-003120/2401 Phase39
CDHD-4D5120/2401/3 Phase4.518
CDHD-006120/2401/3 Phase618
CDHD-008120/2401/3 Phase828
CDHD-010120/2401/3 Phase1028
CDHD-013120/2403 Phase1328
CDHD-020120/2403 Phase2048
CDHD-024120/2403 Phase2448
CDHD-003400/4803 Phase39
CDHD-006400/4803 Phase618
CDHD-012400/4803 Phase1224
CDHD-024400/4803 Phase2472
CDHD-030400/4803 Phase3090


Type TitleSizeDateDownload
CDHD Flyer782 kB12/31/2014
CDHD Product Presntation1 MB11/15/2014
Type TitleSizeDateDownload
CDHD Online Help - EN
CDHD Online Help - CN
CDHD Quick Start Guide4 MB11/15/2014
CDHD User Manual35 MB11/15/2014
CDHD CANopen Ref. Manual8 MB11/15/2014
CDHD VarCom Ref. Manual3 MB11/15/2014
CDHD Pin Assignments Wiring18 MB11/15/2014
CDHD Overall System Wiring4 MB12/1/2014
CDHD Demo Trainng Manual2 MB11/15/2014
CDHD Demo Flyer1 MB11/15/2014
CDHD Ordering Guide1 MB11/15/2014
Type TitleSizeDateDownload
ServoStudio GUI41 MB11/15/2014
CDHD CANopen EDS11 kB11/15/2014
CDHD EtherCAT XML12 kB11/15/2014
Type TitleSizeDateDownload
CDHD 2D Dimensions_DXF2 MB11/15/2014
CDHD 2D Dimensions_PDF1 MB11/15/2014
CDHD 3D Models_EPRT13 MB11/15/2014
CDHD 3D Models_IGS70 MB11/15/2014
CDHD 3D Models_STEP66 MB11/15/2014

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